Officers Arrest Two People Just Days After Previous Arrests

Two people were arrested by Redding Police for vehicle theft a couple of days ago, and then arrested again Thursday. On Tuesday at 1 O’clock in the afternoon someone called Redding Police from Eastside Road near Weaver Lumber to say she was following a stolen GMC van. When the driver realized he was being followed he stopped and both he and the passenger fled on foot. A short time later an officer spotted two people matching the description walking out of Bonneyview Market at East Bonnyview and North Bonnyview. 36-year-old Samuel McDonald and 31-year-old Jennifer Cooper were identified by the witness as the same people. They reportedly admitted that they had seen the van with the keys in it and took it so they wouldn’t have to walk. McDonald was booked into jail, but then at 8:55AM Thursday morning John Senter had hooked his landscape trailer to his pickup and walked away briefly, leaving the keys in the ignition. When he returned his truck and trailer were gone. An officer soon spotted it on Churn Creek Road and, when it stopped, Samuel McDonald got out and started to walk away. Jennifer Cooper was in the passenger seat. McDonald reportedly said he had to go to Millville and didn’t want to walk so when he saw the keys in the ignition, he took the opportunity. Cooper claimed she didn’t know it was stolen. McDonald was booked into jail.


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