Chimenti Opens Up Lead In Supervisors Race, Green Still Trails Bosenko

Many more Shasta County ballots have been counted in the past week, but the leaders of the most closely watched races have remained in the lead. When we talked to County Clerk and Registrar of Voters Cathy Darling-Allen last week, a little more than 26,000 ballots had been counted, but she expected the tally to go up to around 44,000. As of Monday, 41,700 ballots have been processed. Sheriff Tom Bosenko has increased the lead to retain his job by a margin of 1914 votes over challenger John Greene. In the District One Board of Supervisors race, Challenger Joe Chimenti has a 260 vote lead over incumbent David Kehoe. Les Baugh has pulled way ahead in defending his District 5 seat, with a lead of 1039 votes over Melissa Hunt. Final results aren’t due until July 3rd.


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