CHP Helicopter Rescues Injured Man Climbing Mount Shasta

An Oregon man was injured while descending Mount Shasta Monday morning. 18-year-old Weston Grant was climbing with a partner and when they got to the Red Banks, Grant started showing signs of altitude sickness. They decided to turn back, and began their descent using a technique called “glissading”, which basically involves sliding on one’s bottom with the legs extended, often while sitting on a piece of plastic. Basic climbing equipment includes an ice ax and crampons, which are spikes strapped to the boots. While glissading, the ice ax can be tucked under an arm and used for a brake, but the crampons should be removed. Grant learned that the hard way when his right foot hooked onto a piece of ice and he suffered a broken ankle. Grant’s partner called 9-1-1 but the Forest Service climbing rangers were unavailable so the sheriff’s office called on the CHP for help. They sent a helicopter and picked up Grant near Lake Helen. Climbers are advised to check with the forest service for information on safe climbing.


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