Off-Duty Deputy Shoots Dog That Attacked His Dog

An off-duty Tehama County Sheriff’s Deputy opened fire Monday night on a big dog that was attacking his own dog. A little before 8 O’clock the deputy was walking with his wife on East Avenue in Corning with their own dog on a leash when a large Bull Mastiff reportedly jumped over a fence to escape his yard and charged at the couple and their much smaller dog. As the Mastiff grabbed the other dog by the throat, the deputy pulled out his pistol and fired three rounds, hitting the big dog at least once in the side of his body. The Mastiff then released the other dog ad fell to the ground. The sheriff’s office has not released the name of the deputy, but the owner of the Mastiff, Anita Jacobson, provided first aid to her dog and then took him to a veterinarian in Chico. The deputy’s dog is being treated for puncture wounds to his throat.


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