Woman Sentenced To 3 Years For Hit-And-Run Crash

A woman responsible for a hit-and-run crash in Cottonwood early this year has been sentenced to prison. On the morning of February 20th, 60-year-old Thomas Waddle was northbound on Main Street in his Subaru Legacy at around 55 miles an hour. As he started over the bridge over Cottonwood Creek he saw a Nissan Altima coming southbound. The Nissan swerved across the double yellow lines and came directly toward his car. Waddle turned to the right toward the shoulder and started honking his horn, but still the other driver kept coming and smashed head-on into his car. Waddle suffered a fractured pelvis and broken ribs. The woman driving the Nissan was 33-year-old Rachel Marie Killion. She got out of her car and ran, but was later arrested and convicted she’s been sentenced to 3 years in state prison.


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