Officers Find Man Stolen Bicycle In Shopping Cart

Garth Schmeck may have thought his very expensive custom racing bicycle was gone forever. The bike was stolen on Friday from the Adventure Hub, Schmeck’s business on North Market Street. Being a very unique bike, Schmeck was able to give Redding Police a good description. That descriptiveness paid off at 9 O’clock Tuesday morning when an officer stopped to talk to 55-year-old Michael Oswald, who was camping out in front of the old R&R Meats at East and Locust Streets. Oswald had most of his belongings in a Holiday Market shopping cart, and attached to the cart was Schmeck’s special racing bike. It was partially disassembled but all the parts were in the cart and it was returned to the grateful Mr. Schmeck. Oswald has been in town for several months. A native of Washington state, Oswald’s motorhome broke down in Redding and left him stranded here. Since February Oswald has been cited or arrested 8 times for various alleged crimes. He was booked into jail and his dog, a pit bull named “Loki” who officers describe as “sweet”, was taken by animal regulation.


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