State Grant Money Will Help Development Downtown

A significant amount of public funding has been recommended by the state for use in Downtown Redding redevelopment. K-2 Development and the McConnell Foundation have torn out what remained of the old Dickers Department Store to make way for a 4-story mixed-use building with retail space on the ground floor and 79 residential units on the top 3 floors. The project would also open up some streets downtown. Last year the city helped K-2 through the grant process and last October the California Strategic Growth Council approved a 20 Million Dollar affordable and sustainable housing grant. The funds come from the state’s Cap and Trade greenhouse gas auctions. The total price tag of the construction was estimated last year at 37 Million Dollars. On Monday the same state council recommended another 20 Million Dollars for the complete Housing and Downtown Activation Project, which includes the completion of a river trail connection from the Sundial to Downtown. Another grant, just announced Tuesday, will provide an additional $4 Million of federal funding for the downtown project. In separate news, the state last week approved the 155 Million Dollars for the new courthouse downtown.


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