Chamber Of Commerce Unveils “City Identity Project”

Some towns establish their identities through natural or architectural features, some through unique cultural characteristics, some through their mark on history. Occasionally Redding makes national news with odd crimes or extreme heat, so it’s really a town in search of positive associations in the minds of outsiders and positive influences for its citizens. The Chamber of Commerce has launched a new effort called the Redding City Identity Project. It’s a 2 year plan to define just what makes Redding a place where people want to be, according to Chamber President Jake Mangas. An event to announce the project was held at the Sundial Bridge Thursday. McConnell Foundation CEO Shannon Phillips says the bridge has become an iconic symbol of Redding, but we need it to stand for something positive. The McConnell Foundation has pitched in $150,000 for the project to match funding already pledged by a number of local businesses. The project will soon distribute a survey of residents in order to establish a list of 20 action items to complete by 2020.


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