Updated: Creek Fire Burns 1300 Acres, Some Road Closures Lifted

The series of fires currently burning in the Clear Creek, Happy Valley, Igo and Cloverdale areas are believed to have been intentionally started. A vehicle was seen in the areas of origin of several of the fires and the timing of the starts points to a mobile arsonist. Officials are looking for a gold or tan minivan, possibly a Dodge Caravan or something similar, possibly a 1980’s or 90’s model, according to Sheriff Tom Bosenko. A number of mandatory evacuations are in effect for residents of many areas that can be seen on the Shasta County Sheriff’s Office Facebook Page.  Clear Creek Road has been reopened from Highway 273 to Honeybee Road. However, Honeybee Road remains closed. The evacuations off Placer Road have been lifted and the road is open, all other evacuations and road closures remain in effect. The Creek Fire is in excess of 1300 acres and 30% contained at last word. At least 2 homes are confirmed destroyed.

According to the Shasta County Sheriff’s Office, the following areas are under a mandatory evacuation order:

Evacuations in place:

Panther Rd south of Cloverdale Rd
Dale Ln south of Cloverdale Rd
Dale Ln north of Cloverdale Rd
Tobacco Rd
Pine Meadows Pl
Diana Way
Cloverlorrie Ln
Heavenly Valley Ln
Willett Wy
Zandell Rd
Renee Ct
Peach Tree Ln
Renshaw Ln
Mary Jane Ln
Setting Sun Dr
Dawn Dr
Willow Springs Rd
Whispering Canyon Dr
Digger Pine Ln
Bethel Dr
Ki-nut Ln
Magnum Dr
Clovermarie Ln
Pebblewood Ln
Hilo Ln
Ronnie Ln
Tankit Dr
Ridge Rd
Ohio Buckeye Ln
Cloverdale at Placer
Placer at Clear Creek
Trombley Ln
Lost Lane
Shasta Star
Small Farms Rd
Marsha Way
Coal Pit Rd
Bambow Rd
Bradley Ridge Rd
Windwalker Ln
Cobblestone Ln
Duck Rd
Lower Coal Pit Rd
Manzanita Rd Road Closures


Honeybee at Clear Creek Rd
Platina Rd at Gas Point and Clear Creek Rd
Gas Point Rd at Lower Gas Point Rd
Heavenly Valley at Willett
Hawthorne at Oak
China Gulch at Sullivan
Oak at Craig
N. Cloverdale at Placer
Oak at Cloverdale


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