Men Convicted Of Murder Sentenced To Life In Prison

Three men have been sentenced for a violent crime spree. In October of 2015 Jose Luna and two brothers both named Felix Ruben Ayala engaged in a series of crimes targeting marijuana, guns and cash. They murdered 61-year-old Bradley Stephen Yoder at his house on Shasta View Drive, attempted a robbery with a shot fired at a Shasta Lake home, and posed as federal agents to rob the Bare Roots Hydroponics store on East Cypress Avenue. The three men were found guilty by a Shasta County Jury in December of all 35 felony counts against them, including special allegations. Sentencing had been scheduled for last February but one of the Ayala brothers got a new attorney who needed more time to file a motion, and both attorneys for the other two men were apparently too ill to make it to court. After another delay, sentencing was done on Friday and all three got the maximum. One of the Ayala brothers was sentenced to 638 years to life, while the other two men got 75 years to life. A trial is set to begin in September for a fourth defendant, Sergio Martinez. A fifth defendant in the case, 19-year-old Elionaid Rivera, hanged himself in Shasta County Jail in November. He had already taken a plea deal, after which he confessed to slashing Yoder’s throat.


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