Dacquisto Announces Run For City Council

A local attorney is taking another shot at public office. Michael Dacquisto has announced his candidacy for the Redding City Council, which will have three seats up for reelection in November. Kristen Schrader and Francine Sullivan are both running for reelection. The third seat is that of Brent Weaver, who’s stepping down. Dacquisto made an unsuccessful run for the council four years ago, and prior to that he ran for the Republican nomination for Congress upon the retirement of Wally Herger. Tuesday Dacquisto outlined some basic points of his platform in his run for the council. For public safety he would want to hire more Community Service Officers and spend some city money on the county jail. For the economy he would waive some impact fees, double the public investment in the economic development council and try to address unfunded pension obligations. He also fired the first volley against his opponents, Kristen Schrader and Francine Sullivan. He said their decision to give raises to city managers after voters had rejected a sales tax measure was basically thumbing their noses at their constituents.


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