Murder Suspect Appears In Court

A 49-year-old Redding man has been arraigned for a murder committed Friday evening just south of city limits. The shooting was reported by drivers on Clear Creek Road about a mile west of Highway 273. Both Redding Police and the Sheriff’s Office arrived at the scene because it’s right on the jurisdiction boundary. They found the body of 37-year-old Joseph Jehonathan Gill in a field north of the roadway. He had been shot multiple times. Witnesses pointed to Brady Evan Schumacher, and he was detained and eventually booked into jail for murder. A semi-auto handgun believed to be the murder weapon was recovered. Schumacher is apparently the uncle of Gill’s girlfriend. Gill was reportedly walking along the roadway when Schumacher stopped and the two argued until it became physical. Witnesses say Schumacher got into his pickup and tried to run down Gill, then shot him. Schumacher was arraigned Wednesday for murder and assault with a deadly weapon, with enhancements including personal and intentional discharge of a firearm causing death and a special circumstance of commission of murder by discharge of a firearm from a vehicle. He’s being held without bail.


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