Riders Captured After Attempting To Flee Pursuing Deputies

Two men were arrested after attempting to get away from deputies on off road vehicles, according to the Shasta County Sheriff’s Office. On Saturday afternoon two deputies were traveling on Highway 89 in the Burney area and spotted an ATV and a motorcycle headed south. The deputies turned around and tried to pull the riders over, but both riders fled at a high rate of speed. The motorcycle rider pulled into a driveway near Mount Pleasant Drive, but the ATV rider continued until he eventually pulled into a driveway off Highway 89. The rider nearly struck a resident in his driveway as he pulled in and the man had to jump over a fence to avoid being struck. The ATV rider came to a dead end and turned back around and rode toward the pursuing deputies almost crashing into their vehicles. The driver went back onto the highway and turned onto a dirt road where the deputies vehicles couldn’t drive. An area search was done and a Sheriff’s K9 helped find the ATV about 100 yards off the highway in thick brush. The K9 sniffed out 30-year-old Troy Marks and he was taken into custody. The CHP was called and a helicopter was able to locate the other rider on the motorcycle nearby. 28-year-old Maurice Alessandro was taken into custody and both were booked into jail on felony charges.


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