National Guard Rescues Climber On Mount Shasta

Siskiyou County Search and Rescue coordinated the pick up of a man who was injured on Mount Shasta early Saturday morning. 29-year-old David Backlin of Nevada City was struck by fallen rock and injured at around the 11,500 foot elevation in Avalanche Gulch. A CHP helicopter was sent up the mountain to try and retrieve him but they couldn’t find him due to high winds. A call was then made for a California Army National Guard helicopter. They sent a Spartan 155 up the mountain and the crew was able to pick up Backlin near Lake Helen. They delivered him to an ambulance at the old ski bowl and he was then transported to Mercy Mount Shasta. Climbers are required to get Wilderness Passes from the Forest Service and, if going above 10,000 feet, they need Summit Passes as well.


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