Air Quality Alert Issued Due To Drifting Wildfire Smoke

With smoke drifting from a huge wildfire in Napa and Yolo Counties, Shasta County Public Health is warning people not to spend too much time in the smoky outdoors doing strenuous things. That advice applies to everyone, but obviously is mostly directed to those with respiratory or heart disease, the very old, the very young, and pregnant women. An air quality monitor in Anderson has been consistently reading in the “moderate” range. There are also monitors in Burney, Fall River Mill, and Lakehead but only the Anderson monitor measures particulate matter. Conditions can be seen on the Shasta County Resource Management web page. Air quality can also be judged by visibility level. 3-to-5 mile visibility would be unhealthy for sensitive groups. Less than one mile visibility means the air is hazardous for anyone to breathe.


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