Investigators Locate Car Jacking Suspect In Wyoming

An out-of-state arrest has been made for an attempted carjacking that happened in Redding last year. At around 6AM on March 27th of 2017 Susan Elliott arrived at her job at Marie Calendar’s on Hilltop Drive. As she was parking her car a man approached and pointed a handgun at her, demanding the keys to her vehicle. Eliott simply drove off, foiling the attempt. Surveillance footage of the suspect was posted to the KQMS Facebook Page, and was circulated nationwide. A $2500 Secret Witness reward was offered as well. A few weeks after the crime Redding Police Investigators were looking at a crime bulletin out of Wyoming when their interest was piqued by a photo of 63-year-old David Michael Hogan. He had been stopped for speeding and ended up being arrested for being a felon with a gun. He also had a large amount of cash. He previously had spent more than 30 years in prison for bank robbery. In tracing his movements it was learned that Hogan had a trail of crimes through California, Oregon and Wyoming and was in the Redding area at the time of the attempted carjacking. He was eventually linked to the crime and an arrest warrant was issued last week. Actual charges may have to wait though, because Hogan is currently in federal custody and must answer for crimes committed elsewhere.


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