Woman Sentenced For Falsifying Drug Testing Results

A Cottonwood woman has been sentenced to one year in prison for forging and falsifying documents and than billing clients for drug tests that never occurred, according to the Department of Justice. Between March of 2009 and February of 2010 61-year-old Demetri Dearth forged drug tests results at least 46 times. She owned and operated Advanced Substance Abuse Programs and her company was responsible for pre-employment and post employment drug testing for more then 80 companies. The companies paid Dearth to test prospective and current employees for drug use, and to notify the companies of the results. She was also in charge of maintaining testing records in compliance with state and federal regulations. Dearth forged some of the test results and did not forward urine samples to approved facilities. She instead faked documents that would have certified the samples had been tested and were negative for the presence of drugs. Doing so allowed her to bill the companies for testing that never occurred. The false documents also created safety hazards because the companies were unable to know whether their employees were drug free. Many of the industries that the testing was for included aviation, trucking, construction, logging, and education. In October of 2017 Dearth pled guilty to 16 counts of making false statements and 9 counts of mail fraud. Dearth was sentenced Friday to one year in prison and she must pay a $2500 fine.


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