Feinstein Remains Favorite In California Race Despite Snub

LOS ANGELES (AP) – Sen. Dianne Feinstein remains the favorite to capture California’s U.S. Senate contest, despite losing a Democratic endorsement fight to her little-known rival. Liberal state legislator Kevin de Leon on Saturday snagged the backing of the state Democratic Party’s executive board, which snubbed the more moderate Feinstein. The vote underscored the party’s leftward shift in the age of President Donald Trump, but Feinstein remains the front-runner after crushing de Leon in the June primary. The two face off again in November. Feinstein had urged the party leaders to skip an endorsement between the two Democrats. University of California, San Diego, political scientist Thad Kousser says the vote reflects the views of the party’s activist core, but doesn’t signal that everyday voters are ready to embrace de Leon’s liberal agenda.


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