Proposed Countywide Public Safety Tax Will Not Benefit Incorporated Areas

The Redding City Council was set to take up a county wide tax measure that would be used for public safety. However, a vote earlier in the day by the Shasta County Board of Supervisors made it a moot point. It was a long way from passing, but essentially a county wide sales tax measure would have gone to the voters asking for money for public safety in the county and in all three incorporated cities. Mayor Kristen Schreder was at the county meeting, and she says that in the early discussion, input from the cities was asked for, but later that seems to have changed. She says she confirmed that with CEO Larry Lees during a break and made it clear to him that she was not happy with that outcome. But the county has spoken. So if the measure goes further with the Board of Supervisors and does eventually make it to the ballot, money will apparently not directly benefit Redding, Anderson, or Shasta Lake. Also during the city council meeting the late Fire Chief Gerry Grey was honored with a moment of silence.


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