Teen Injured In Rollover Crash, Leaves Passenger Behind With Critical Injuries

A Redding teenager is accused of crashing a stolen utility vehicle, and leaving his passenger pinned beneath it. Just after Midnight Thursday morning 18-year-old Harley Peterson walked into Mercy Medical Center with a severe injury to his left arm. He said he had crashed a vehicle in the area of Linden Avenue and West Street. Redding Police and Redding Fire went to the location and found a side-by-side utility vehicle concealed by in a drainage ditch off Linden Avenue. Pinned beneath it was an unidentified male with major injuries. An officer lifted the vehicle so the victim could be freed. He was taken to Mercy Hospital with a closed-head injury, crush injuries to his chest and other internal injuries. He was rushed into surgery and at last word he was in critical condition. His identity has not been determined. Peterson admitted that he had been drinking alcohol and doing drugs. The vehicle had been stolen from PG&E facility earlier in the night and Peterson rolled it over while trying to make a turn too fast. He had been taken to the hospital by bystanders who witnessed the crash, but he never mentioned to them or hospital staff that he had a passenger with him.


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