Weaverville Man Arrested After Allegedly Running Over Homeless Man

Police surrounded a West Redding house for more than an hour Thursday morning demanding the surrender of a man who had allegedly struck somebody with a car. At around 6AM officers were called to the Walgreen’s on Eureka Way at Court Street. A 43-year-old homeless man named Jeshua Paulk was suffering injuries to his shoulder and his head. He said he had been watching a group of people causing a disturbance across the street when they all got into a car and drove over to where he was. Paulk says the car accelerated towards him and, although he tried to get out of the way, he was struck on his lower body, causing him to be thrown up into the air and then hit the ground hard. The car then sped away. While officers were talking to Paulk, witnesses called 9-1-1 to say they had followed the car to a house on South Street near West Street, where multiple people ran inside. Officers went to the location and saw that the car had damage consistent with having hit a person. Officers surrounded the place and used a loudspeaker to demand that the driver come outside. A couple of people came out, but were determined not to be the suspect. Officers could see multiple people inside moving around, and they slowly come outside over the course of an hour or so. Finally, 18-year-old Anthony Jair Demedeiros of Weaverville came outside and was detained. He was identified by witnesses and the victim as the driver and during an interview he reportedly admitted to it. He was booked for assault with a deadly weapon. 20-year-old Anthony Cloyd was also arrested for obstructing an officer.


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