Woman Allegedly Attacks Paramedics, Eventually Subdued By Officers

A Redding woman has been arrested for an alleged attack on paramedics and police officers. At 9:30PM Wednesday night, someone called 9-1-1 to report an unresponsive woman at a South Redding gas station off Highway 273 on Westside Road. When an ambulance crew arrived to help the woman, 35-year-old Violeta Gallegos was anything but unresponsive. She allegedly became combative and threw a cinder block at E.M.T. Nathan Kreps, which missed him but hit the ambulance behind him and broke the windshield. She then reportedly began throwing rocks at emergency personnel. Redding Police then arrived and Gallegos reportedly grabbed a window washing squeegee from the nearby gas pumps and threw it at the officers as they approached her. The officers tried to get ahold of her but she ran around the gas pumps and then across Highway 273. Officers eventually subdued her with a taser and batons. Gallegos was taken to a hospital for treatment and then booked into jail on several charges, as well as warrants for drug offences and assault on an officer.


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