EDD: 1000 People Enter Shasta County Workforce In June

Shasta County’s unemployment rate for June followed the state and national trend and edged up a little bit from May, but it’s still at a very comfortable 5.1%. The previous month it was a record low 4.3% and in June of last year it was 5.5%. The increase in jobless numbers is fully attributable to an increase in the labor force of a thousand people, according to EDD Labor Market Analyst Sheila Stock.She says that of the thousand people who entered the labor force, 300 of them found jobs within the month. Tehama County had a 6% unemployment rate last month. It was 5.3% in Trinity County and 6.2% in Siskiyou County. The state’s unemployment rate was 4.2% in June, reaching a record low for three consecutive months.


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