Man Sentenced To 4 Years For Beating His Sister

A Cottonwood man has been sentenced to prison for beating up his sister. On the night of May 29th at a home on Starr Road in Cottonwood, 33-year-old Candace Guillen was fighting with her brother, 43-year-old Shayne Arias. The fight turned physical and Arias grabbed Guillen by the hair and punched and kicked her over 40 times. At one point she was on the floor as he repeatedly kicked her with his heavy work boots and shouted that he was going to kill her. She tried to escape by driving away but arias violently threw her to the ground and beat her some more. Arias was gone when deputies arrived and Guillen was on the ground in a fetal position. She had difficulty speaking with the deputies because of her injuries. A search of the area failed to locate arias but then he called to say he wanted to turn himself in. He’s been sentenced to 4 years in state prison.


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