Cooling Centers Open, Carr Fire Smoke & Ash Choking Area

Officials in both Shasta and Tehama Counties are urging residents to stay safe during the current heat wave. A cooling center has been opened at the John Beaudet Community Center in Shasta Lake to allow those without air conditioning some relief. The center on Median Street will be open from Noon to 8PM Thursday with additional hours to be added as needed. In Red Bluff there is a cooling center at the Red Bluff Library on Diamond Avenue. In Corning at the library on Third Street, and in Los Molinos at the library on Highway 99 East. Officials urge people to hydrate – drink plenty of water – even if you don’t feel thirsty. Stay away from coffee or soda. Never leave pets or children in your car, even for a few minutes. Temperatures can heat up to deadly levels quickly. If you experience symptoms of heat illness seek help immediately.

Meantime, along with hot temperatures is the danger of smoke from the Carr Fire. Air quality officials are urging everyone, especially those susceptible to lung conditions to stay indoors with the AC on circulate mode. As of Thursday morning air quality monitors in Redding and Shasta Lake show good. Anderson is showing moderate.


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