Corner ID’s Body Of Man Who Jumped Into Sacramento River

A man who drowned in the Sacramento River in Red Bluff last month has been identified. On July 22nd witnesses saw a man jumping off the Antelope Boulevard Bridge in Downtown Red Bluff. He was seen surfacing and calling out for help as he headed downriver before the witnesses eventually lost sight of him. The Tehama County Sheriff’s Office sent a boat and the CHP searched with a helicopter but the man was not found. On July 29th a fisherman discovered a body floating near the mouth of Mill Creek about 15 miles downriver of the Antelope Bridge. The male body had clothing matching that of the bridge jumper. An autopsy confirmed drowning, but there were no missing persons reports matching the description, so a thumbprint was sent to the Department of Justice. They matched it to 31-year-old Wyat Lowry of Red Bluff, and dental records further confirmed his identity. He had been staying at an assisted living facility near the river and had gone missing a couple of weeks before the discovery of his body.


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