Whiskeytown Park Will Remain Closed Indefinitely Due To Fire Damage

The Park Service has been investigating the origin of the Carr Fire, saying it likely was ignited by a recreational trailer malfunction. It previously had been reported that a trailer had gotten a flat tire and the rim scraped on the pavement, throwing sparks. It started within the Whiskeytown National Recreation Area, and that jewel of the National Park System certainly took its share of damage. In spite of the suppression efforts of park service and Cal-Fire hand crews, engine crews, bulldozers and air attack, the fire spread beyond anyone’s expectations. In addition to the incredible devastation to Keswick, Old Shasta, Redding and other communities, the fire burned virtually the entire Whiskeytown Park from border to border. All Park Service employees are safe but 15 of them lost their homes. Eleven park structures burned to the ground, but the park headquarters and visitor center were untouched. The historic mid-19th century Camden House also was saved. Full damage assessment is still underway but one thing is sure: it will be a number of years before the park returns to it’s previous beauty. For now, the park is closed to visitors indefinitely.


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