Man Arrested After Attempting To Rob Rolling Hills Casino

A man from Anderson reportedly led officials on a lengthy high speed chase after trying to rob Rolling Hills Casino in Corning. At 9:43AM Thursday morning 49-year-old Christopher Zerr Hernandez allegedly walked up to the main cash station and told casino staff he had a gun as he demanded they let him into the cash cage. No gun was seen and they refused. As casino security rushed toward him, Hernandez ran outside empty-handed and fled in his GMC pickup truck. Law enforcement was called and a short time later Corning Police spotted Hernandez’s truck on Interstate Five heading north. The CHP and Tehama County Deputies joined the pursuit as Hernandez reportedly drove recklessly, swerving in and out of traffic at speeds of more than 100 miles an hour. Two spike strips were laid out near the Antelope Boulevard exit in Red Bluff, one by sheriff’s deputies and the other by the CHP. They combined to disable the truck, which veered off the roadway at the Adobe Road off-ramp, went through a barbed wire cattle fence and through an open field before crashing into a dry creek bed. As Hernandez was being taken into custody a fire started under the pickup, but deputies were able to extinguish it. No gun was found on Hernandez or in the truck. He was booked into jail for attempted robbery, felony reckless evading and DUI.


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