RPD: Woman Found Tampering With Electrical Lines Along Railroad Tracks

A lot of people whose morning commute takes them through Downtown Redding may have been late to wherever they were going Thursday. At around 7:15AM multiple crossing arms on downtown railroad crossings were down and stopping traffic for more than 30 minutes, even though no trains were passing through. Eventually a Union Pacific worker reported that a woman had been seen tampering with equipment and cutting electric lines on the tracks between Riverside Drive and Eureka Way. Dozens of lines were cut and, as a safety precaution, when tampering is signaled, crossing arms go down automatically. Union Pacific quickly made repairs and got the system working again. The woman arrested for the tampering is already known by Redding Police. 50-year-old Forcep Birkle was found near the scene. In May of last year Birkle was bathing naked in the fountain in front of city hall. She then took the American Flag down and destroyed it before storming inside on a vandalism rampage and then heading out the south doors, where she was captured and subdued. She also broke a window at the library that day and a few months later she attacked a security guard at the library.


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