CHP: Crash Near Mount Shasta Kills 3 People

A terrible collision that killed three people near Mount Shasta Sunday was apparently caused by a driver who crossed over the center median of Interstate Five. At One O’clock in the afternoon a pickup truck was southbound approaching Lassen Lane when it came up behind slow-moving traffic due to the congested construction zone. The driver drove into the center median to pass other vehicles and then, for an unknown reason, made a sudden hard left turn, shooting straight across the median and into the northbound lanes. The front end of the pickup collided with a northbound recreational vehicle, causing the RV to overturn and sending both vehicles off the steep embankment. The pickup and the RV came to rest against several trees and burst into flames. Fire spread to surrounding vegetation and totally consumed both vehicles. The bodies of both drivers and a passenger in the RV were recovered from the fire. Officials are trying to determine their identities.


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