Homeless Man Arrested After Allegedly Burglarizing Evacuated Home

A homeless man in the City of Shasta Lake is accused of burglarizing a house while the residents were evacuated. Dawn Gemmill called deputies to her home on Parallel Street Sunday. She had left when the initial evacuation order had been issued a couple of weeks ago and she returned home to discover the break-in. She estimated that about $6000 worth of her things had been stolen, including food, household items, clothing, bedding, power tools and jewelry. Gemmill gave the investigating deputies information that led them to the home of a possible witness. That person said the suspect may be a man named Domenic, and she gave a description. The deputies showed her a booking photo of Domenic Newhouse and she said that was the man. Knowing that Newhouse frequents a greenbelt east of Elizabeth Avenue, the deputies checked and found him asleep in a tent there. While talking to him they noticed several of the items described by the burglary victim. Newhouse was detained and reportedly found to be in possession of drugs. He allegedly admitted to taking food and clothing from the house, but not the power tools or jewelry. He was booked into jail.


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