RPD: Intoxicated Driver Killed After Jumping From Bridge

A Redding man died very early Saturday morning when he tried to escape police by jumping off the Diestelhorst Bridge, but landed far from the river. At around 3AM an RPD Officer saw a Jeep Cherokee swerving and suspected the driver was drunk, so the officer tried to pull the SUV over near North Market Street and Riverside Drive. The Jeep driver did not stop but instead drove west on Riverside Drive and then north on Court Street with the officer in pursuit. Instead of crossing the vehicular bridge, the driver drove the jeep onto the Diestelhorst Pedestrian Bridge. He rammed a tree and a metal pole that blocked access onto the bridge, then drove across and stopped at the north end. Pursuing officers did not see where the driver went, but moments later 27-year-old Drew Michael Pereau was found on the paved river trail beneath the bridge. He was severely injured and was not breathing. Officers tried to revive him with CPR, and arriving paramedics took over, but Pereau was declared dead at the scene. His family has been notified. Police say Pereau had a suspended license and was on probation after four DUI convictions since 2012.


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