K9 Helps Deputies Recover Meth During Traffic Stop

A traffic stop turned into a drug bust in Happy Valley Monday night. A little after 8 O’clock a Shasta County Sheriff’s Deputy stopped a Toyota pickup on Happy Valley Road at Erika Lane because it’s headlights weren’t on. The truck also had expired registration. The driver was 44-year-old Tina Annette Rose. A records check showed the passenger, 53-year-old Tedi Ellen Vierra was on probation for having a concealed loaded gun. When the deputy said he was going to do a probation search, Vierra grabbed her purse and tried to reach inside it, so the deputy stopped her and pulled both women out of the truck. The deputy then got Fritz the K9 out of his car to walk around the truck. He signaled the presence of drugs and a search then reportedly turned up three bags in Vierra’s purse containing a total of a half pound of Methamphetamine. Vierra was arrested for the drugs and rose was given a traffic ticket and released.


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