Carr Fire Doesn’t Grow Any Larger After Burning For 1 Month

Its now been one month since the Carr Fire broke out near Whiskeytown. At about 1:15PM on July 23rd an elderly couple pulling a trailer experienced a flat tire which sparked the blaze near the Carr Powerhouse on Highway 299. Since then the fire has torched 229,651 acres in Shasta and Trinity Counties and has displaced the owners of 1079 homes. It burned into West Redding with a fury and gave us the term “fire tornado”. Thousands of residents who did not lose property were evacuated, some for several weeks. The fire burned a massive amount of tinder dry fuel between Igo and Shasta Dam and devastated the Whiskeytown Recreation Area. It also affected the Keswick Dam and the Shasta Dam areas. Air quality throughout the North State has been described as hazardous due to smoke. As of this morning it is 93 percent contained.


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