Update: CCW Holder Shoots Attacker In South Redding

Redding Police say a registered sex offender who has a lengthy criminal history was shot by a man with a concealed weapons permit Wednesday night. Officers say that 31-year-old Travis William Hutchinson went to the home on Harrison Avenue Wednesday night to help his girlfriends cousin study for a math test. The decedent was also at the home and apparently got into an altercation with several other people who were at the house. Police say that the decedent and another adult left the home after the homeowner threatened to call police. The two continued fighting in the street and Hutchinson went outside to try and calm the situation down. Hutchinson was holding a 4 month old infant and for unknown reasons the decedent charged Hutchinson and began striking him in the head and face. Hutchinson was still holding the infant and told officers he was nearly knocked out. During the assault the baby slipped out of his grip, but he caught the baby before it struck the concrete below. The decedent apparently kept attacking Hutchinson who was armed with a handgun. Police say that he feared for his safety and for the safety of the baby so he fired one round at the decedent. The unidentified man was struck once in the chest and was pronounced dead at the scene. Hutchinson told witnesses to call authorities and he remained on scene until police arrived. He was taken to the police department for an interview and his statements were consistent with other witnesses. Hutchinson is a lawful CCW holder and the case will be forwarded to the district attorney’s office for review. The name of the decedent has not been released.


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