Coroner’s Office ID’s Victim Of Fatal Shooting

A man who was shot dead in South Redding last week has been identified by the Shasta County Coroner’s Office. Redding Police say 34-year-old Burl William Hall of Shasta Lake was a registered sex offender with a lengthy criminal history. Last Wednesday night hall was at a house on Harrison Avenue arguing with some people when he and the others were told to go outside because they were disrupting the household. 31-year-old Travis William Hutchinson was there to help his girlfriend’s cousin study for a math test. He went outside to try and calm the situation down, and he was holding a 4 month old infant. For unknown reasons Hall reportedly charged Hutchinson and began striking him in the head and face. Hutchinson, who was still holding the infant, told officers he was nearly knocked out and the baby slipped out of his grasp, but he caught the baby before it struck the pavement. Hall apparently continued to attack until Hutchinson pulled out a handgun and fired one round, striking hall in the chest. Hall was pronounced dead at the scene. Hutchinson was taken to the police department for an interview and then released. Hutchinson has a concealed weapons permit. The case will be reviewed by the Distric Attorney’s Office. Hall’s family has been notified.


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