Authorities Release ID Of Man Shot By Redding Police

Information has been released about a man who was shot and killed by Redding Police off East Cypress Avenue. He’s been identified as 34-year-old Eric Jay Hames. Monday morning multiple 911 callers reported that Hames was causing trouble and jumping onto cars in and around the Cypress Avenue and Churn Creek Road intersection. A few minutes later the first RPD officer arrived and found Hames in the street, apparently holding a fixed-blade knife and challenging the officer to come get him before running into the Safeway gas station parking lot. More officers arrived as Hames ran back across the road to Walgreen’s, then onto Wall Street, through a business complex and onto Larkspur Lane. Hames was confronted by officers on the street between Domino’s Pizza and Tri-Counties Bank. He still had the knife in his hand and officers repeatedly ordered him to drop it for about a full minute. When Hames reportedly moved toward one of the officers with the knife, he was fired upon by multiple officers. He was handcuffed and first aid was rendered until medical personnel took over. Hames was declared dead at the scene. Sheriff’s detectives spoke with many witnesses who said Hames had been drinking from a liquor bottle before throwing it to the ground. He had apparently been challenging people to fight and approached a woman at the Safeway gas pumps to ask for a ride while concealing the knife behind his leg. Hames has been to prison twice, once for assault with a deadly weapon and once for possession of an explosive device. He’s been arrested 7 times this year for theft, drugs and weapons. During 4 of those arrests he was charged with resisting. Detectives are reviewing video surveillance as they continue to investigate, and they’d like any cell phone videos that witnesses may have recorded. An autopsy is set for next week.


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