Red Bluff Police Find Baby After Apparent Murder-Suicide

Red Bluff Police are investigating an apparent murder-suicide. Just after 5 O’clock Tuesday officers were sent to a duplex at the corner of Scottsdale Way and Walnut Street. Someone had asked for police to check on the residents, who hadn’t been seen for a while, and there was a possible history of domestic violence at the home. Arriving officers found the apartment to be locked from the inside and there was no response when they knocked. Peering through a window, officers could see a woman lying on a couch in the living room. She was unresponsive to their shouts, so the officers kicked the front door open. That’s when they discovered a man who was also unresponsive. The 25-year-old woman and her 30-year-old husband were both dead. In a crib in an upstairs bedroom officers found a 2-year-old child alive. Medical personnel say the child was not harmed or in distress, and was placed in the care of family members. Investigators say the case strongly appears to be a murder-suicide resulting from domestic violence. No names have been released.


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