Standoff Ends With Arrest In North Redding

A domestic violence suspect was captured after a standoff in North Redding Tuesday night. At around 5:30PM Raelynn Morris called 9-1-1 to report that her sister was being assaulted by 47-year-old Freddie Dean Cox at their home, an RV trailer, parked on property off Quartz Hill Road. Cox had allegedly strangled the woman multiple times until she kicked him off of her. He then reportedly twisted her ankle and grabbed a large butcher knife, holding it to her throat and threatening to kill her. When Shasta County Sheriff’s Deputies arrived Cox was gone, but Morris called again at around 8:30PM to say Cox was back to inflict more damage. Deputies surrounded the trailer and called out on their P.A. The victim came out and was escorted to safety, but Cox remained inside despite orders for him to exit. He eventually opened the door and began flailing his arms around and yelling “Go ahead and shoot me”. He kept yelling and refusing to surrender until Fritz the K9 was sent after him, taking him to the ground. After Cox was handcuffed the butcher knife was found on the ground underneath him. He was treated at a hospital for his dog bites and booked into jail on several felonies.


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