Man Accused Of Murdering Shingletown Woman To Appear In Court

A preliminary hearing is set for next Thursday for a man accused of murdering a woman he had been dating. The body of 50-year-old Anna Louise Coker of Shingletown was found August 16th in a rock crevice west of the Battle Creek Reservoir. The discovery was made by a Cal-Fire crew who had been fighting a nearby vegetation fire. Coker’s body was badly burned, but apparently not by the same fire that brought Cal-Fire to the scene. Sheriff’s detectives arrested 48-year-old Frank Alexander Berry of Shingletown two days later after learning that the two had been dating for several weeks. Berry apparently knew they were looking for him because he had disguised himself with a hat, glasses, and fake moustache, and had colored his eyebrows with a felt marker. He was also armed. His charges include first degree murder, two counts of arson, and being a felon with a gun. He also has a prior strike. His bail is set at 2.5 Million Dollars.


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