City Council To Decide Fate Of Public Safety Positions

Will the four officers of Redding’s Neighborhood Policing Unit and three firefighter positions be saved at the expense of the Redding Library? $800,000 a year is needed to maintain the public safety positions, which have so far been paid for with one-time non-renewable funding sources. One option on the table is to tap Redding’s share of the library’s operating budget. The city provides $800,000 and the county provides $120,000. There are other options. Building permit fees don’t cover the expense of issuing them, which is made up for by a Half-Million Dollar city subsidy. The same holds true for planning permit fees, which get a One Million Dollar subsidy. City staff also has identified the recreation division’s One Million Dollar general fund allowance and the 1.1 Million Dollars given to the Convention and Visitors Bureau from the 5-Million Dollar bed tax revenue. While all of the funding options have repercussions, the Shasta Library Foundation is rallying their supporters to contact city councilmembers or turn out to Wednesday night’s Redding City Council meeting and express support for keeping the library open.


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