K9 Helps Deputies Arrest Man Accused Of Threatening Family Members

A Lakehead man is accused of chasing his mother and sister with a large knife. Shasta County Sheriff’s Deputies were called at 4:15PM Monday afternoon to a home on Coleman Street. 72-year-old Lucille Cristiani says that her son, 52-year-old Richard Cristiani was threatening to kill her and his sister, 50-year-old Maria Scott. He was reportedly chasing them with a butcher knife until they escaped the home and called 9-1-1. When deputies arrived along with CHP Officers they used their P.A. to call Richard out of the house. After almost 30 minutes of no response, deputies went inside and started a search. Richard stepped out of a bedroom and refused deputies commands, so Thor the K9 was sent after him. Richard reportedly fought with Thor and with the deputies until they got him handcuffed. He was cleared at a hospital and then booked into jail. The knife he allegedly had been wielding was found. It was 15 inches long with a 10 inch blade.


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