Smoke From Hirz Fire Blowing Into The Valley

Containment has reached 60% on the Hirz Fire on the McCloud Arm of Lake Shasta, which has burned 46,051 acres. The human-caused fire began August 9th along Gilman Road. Crews have strengthened control lines through a series of firing operations on the northern and western sides of the fire. Due to the very difficult terrain, lines are being constructed outside the fire and then unburned vegetation is torched between the lines and the wildfire. Boat access is closed on the McCloud Arm of the lake just above Holiday Harbor, though Shasta Caverns remains open for visitors.

Due to area fires, people are being urged to check daily air quality readings when making plans. The Shasta County Air Quality Management District and the Public Health Branch of the Shasta County Health and Human Services Agency advise that especially vulnerable groups pay particular attention to air quality readings. This group includes people with respiratory or heart disease, the elderly, children and pregnant women. Conditions can change rapidly depending on fire activity, winds, elevation and topography. Air quality readings are updated hourly and are available online, by searching Shasta County Air Quality.


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