Coroner ID’s Woman Killed By Falling Log At Lake Shasta

A Redding woman who died over the weekend at Lake Shasta when her friends accidentally rolled a log over her has been identified by the Shasta County Coroners Office. 37-year-old Kelle Lauree Clark was with six friends Sunday on Woods Island in the Jones Valley Area. Two of Clark’s friends climbed to the top of an embankment to try and roll a large log down to the water. Clark and another woman started up the hill to help them, trying to stay off to the side of where the log might fall. When the log came loose and barreled down the steep hillside, it struck stumps and large rocks along the way, which diverted its path and it rolled over the top of Clark, causing fatal injuries. Clark’s family has been notified. The sheriff’s office, which is still investigating, has said they don’t know if alcohol played a factor in Clark’s death.


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