Crews Look To Contain Hirz Fire By End Of The Weekend

As of 6AM Wednesday morning, the Hirz Fire is no longer in unified command, which means that the U.S. Forest Service is now the sole agency in charge of the fire. The fire is now 70% contained, with 46,142 acres burned. Control lines are now around the entire perimeter of the fire, unneeded equipment and hose will start being removed from the fireline as areas of the fire transition to suppression repair. Crews have been successful in completing suppression repair and rehabilitation along several contingency lines. The hot and dry weather pattern continues to affect the region, and vegetation remains very susceptible to burning. Dry vegetation surrounding the fire area remains a concern for firefighters, and crews are working hard to ensure that control lines hold without threat of escape. Some recreation sites are now temporarily inaccessible, for example the Pacific Crest Trail between Castle Crags State Park and Ash Camp, the Cabin Creek Trailhead, and the Girard Ridge Lookout. The McCloud River Arm of Shasta Lake remains closed to boat access north of Holiday Harbor and the Shasta Caverns Ferry. Recreation sites closed due to the Hirz Fire are Hirz Bay, Moore Creek, Pine Point, Ellery Creek, Dekkas Rock and McCloud Bridge. For specific recreation information, call the Shasta Lake Ranger District at 275-1587. The Forest Service expects to achieve full containment by the end of this weekend.


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