UPDATE: Delta Fire Burns 25,000 Acres, Crews Focus On Protecting Lakehead

The Delta fire burning on both sides of I-5 north of Redding has burned nearly 25,000 acres, as of Friday morning, still with no containment. Officials have not done a comprehensive structure damage assessment and are unable to provide any numbers, but they say multiple structures have been destroyed. Crews have been constructing indirect firelines away from the head of the fire. A backfiring operation is being done off of a road that runs from Pollard Flats east to the western edge of the Hirz Fire near Salt Creek. A number of the Hirz Fire contingency lines will likely be used. The human caused delta fire started about 2 miles north of Lakehead near the Vollmers Exit of Interstate Five early Wednesday afternoon. Flames were 300 feet high in the timber and 100 feet high in the brush and chaparral. A number of big rigs and passenger vehicles became trapped, many were abandoned and some of them burned. Delta Incident Commander Ricky Young says the primary concern at the moment is the Town of Lakehead. Shasta County Sheriff Tom Bosenko says that it is the policy of the Shasta County Sheriff’s Office to not issue evacuation warnings, and evacuations will only be issued if the threat is imminent. In Siskiyou County, the Disaster Notification Policy is different and an evacuation warning has been issued for Dunsmuir. Trinity County has issued mandatory evacuation orders for East Fork Road to Ramshorn Road east to the Shasta County line. I-5 is shut down in both directions from Fawndale to Mount Shasta, and will apparently remain so through the weekend. A public meeting is planned for 6 O’clock Friday evening at Dunsmuir High School.


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