Planning Commission Will Consider East Redding Cannabis Business

Another commercial cannabis cultivation project will come before Redding’s Planning Commission. Although it’s been technically legal since April, no such project has received the city’s ok. A proposal by Aleck Commercial Cultivation to set up a grow project in a South Market Street building was denied by the Planning Commission after vocal opposition on behalf of the site’s neighbor, the Good News Rescue Mission. Aleck plans to appeal to the city council on October 3rd. On Tuesday the commission will hold a public hearing for Pinnacle Cultivators to convert a building on Innsbruck Drive, an industrial area off Old 44 in East Redding. The site will be fully fenced and secured. No public access is allowed for a cannabis cultivation facility and employees of the business must be vetted by the city. The ventilation systems will have to be modified to eliminate most of the cannabis odor, and other controls will be required concerning water and trash. City staff has found the project to be suitable and the planning commission will consider it at Tuesday’s meeting.


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