Red Flag Conditions Forecast As Delta Fire Burns 53,300 Acres

The Delta Fire has merged with the western edge of the Hirz Fire. Containment on the Delta Fire is still estimated at 5%, while the Hirz is being called 97% contained. As of Tuesday morning the Delta Fire is 53,300 acres and the Hirz Fire is 46,150 acres. Both were human caused, though specifics concerning the causes are still under investigation by the Forest Service. The Delta Fire started last Wednesday afternoon 2 miles north of Lakehead, while the Hirz began August 9th off Gilman Road. Crews have been focusing on tying in control lines with Shotgun Ridge at the north edge, Fenders Ferry and Dog Creek Roads at the southeast and continuing operations in the Damnation Pass and Fools Gulch Areas to the west. A periodic inversion layer has held smoke low and reduced fire activity, but when it lifts the fire flares up again. Red flag conditions will begin Tuesday afternoon and continue through Wednesday morning. Officials have not done a comprehensive structure damage assessment, but they say multiple homes and other structures have been destroyed. Evacuations are in effect from Vollmers to Gibson. Trinity County has issued mandatory evacuation orders for East Fork Road to Ramshorn Road east to the Shasta County line. In Siskiyou County an evacuation warning has been issued for Dunsmuir. Shasta County does not issue warnings.


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