Some Evacuations Lifted As Delta Fire Containment Grows To 17%

The Delta Fire continues to spread another several thousand acres a day, but aggressive firefighting has strengthened lines around the perimeter. The Delta Fire is 58,427 acres and 17% contained. 17 structures have been destroyed. The Delta is merged with the 46,150 acre Hirz Fire, which was declared 100% contained Wednesday. Both were human caused, though exactly how is not known. The Delta Fire started last Wednesday afternoon 2 miles north of Lakehead, while the Hirz was sparked August 9th off Gilman Road. 3200 people are working the Delta Fire. Crews have been making progress on containment near Boulder Creek in the northeast and the Hirz Fire perimeter was used to stop the spread near Fenders Ferry Road in the southeast. The fire spread in the southwest, crossing the North Fork of Dog Creek. An increase in smoke in the afternoon forced aircraft to be grounded. Evacuations have been lifted for Delta Road, Lamoine Road, Delta School Road, Slate Creek Road, Eagle’s Roost, Eviesbrood, Coyote Pass and the Pollard Flat area. Other areas between Vollmers and Gibson are still evacuated. Trinity County has closed East Fork Road to Ramshorn Road east to the Shasta County Line. In Siskiyou County an evacuation warning remains for Dunsmuir. Shasta County does not issue pre-evacuation warnings as a matter of sheriff’s office policy. A community meeting is planned at Dunsmuir Elementary School at 6 O’clock Thursday night.


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