Gov. Brown Says California Will Launch Satellite

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) – California Gov. Jerry Brown says the state plans to launch its “own damn satellite” into orbit to address climate change. The man famously dubbed “Gov. Moonbeam” said Friday the state is working with a San Francisco-based earth imaging company on a satellite to track climate-change causing pollutants. Brown said the company Planet Labs has launched 150 satellites. The Democratic governor announced the project at a climate change summit in San Francisco he organized. Brown foreshadowed the announcement in a December 2016 speech a month after Trump’s election, saying California would launch its own satellite if the then-president-elect followed through on his threat to scrap NASA’s climate research program. Chicago columnist Mike Royko gave Brown the Moonbeam moniker in 1976, saying that Brown appeared to be attracting “the moonbeam vote.”


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